Totems: Symbolic of the Transcendent


photo of sculpture which was cast with rare-earth minerals

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A single century transforms into the shape of the desert totem. Part of my artistry thrives on investigating the enigmatic noir aesthetic, journeying into realms of disorientation and solitude. I exhibit my work in a darkened area. The rare-earth minerals which are cast within the work create a unique palette of color and light. As a result, some say it’s a bioluminescence-like light.

Regardless of your medium, seeing yourself as someone who “paints with light” indicates an appreciation and understanding of how light, in its various manifestations, can tell a story, evoke emotion, and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Totems have been integral to many indigenous cultures worldwide, serving as powerful symbols of identity, heritage, and spirituality. These objects, often carved from wood or stone and depicting animals, natural elements, or ancestral figures, are much more than mere representations. They hold profound meanings that can be likened to multiple metaphors that provide insights into how indigenous peoples relate to the world around them.

The sculptures capture the DNA of the desert through shape, color, and light. I strive to encapsulate the very soul of noir; it’s within the shadows and the embrace of the night that seemingly mundane objects awaken, pulsing with life under the mysterious veil of darkness. My latest series explores the sensual shape of a single-century plant leaf. The verticle orientation of my work,

A Century Cactus transforms the darkness. 36″ x 10″x 10″. Cast resin/with rare-earth minerals, wood, and an optional volcanic stone molcajete.

The molcajete is an optional piece for this totem. The 4″ round wood can be a stand-alone base.

  • An Agave leaf as a Totem
  • Aloes leaves as Totems
  • Century Plant leaf as a Totems


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 36 in