Soiree #8

Our eighth Soiree event. And our fifth Open Studio Tour at our studio/gallery and home of Soiree #8.
We kick off the weekend on Saturday night, hosting Soiree #8. And then, on Sunday, our Open Studio event opens at noon.

At the beginning of the golden hour, guests arrive for the pot-luck food challenge. This year, we have some fabulous awards for the best in show of sides, sauces, salads, and desserts.
At dusk, the exhibit of my latest sculpture work opens. A dark velvet corridor is my work’s primary exhibition area. UV lighting spotlights each of the sculpture pieces.

Another velvet corridor leads to the exit—through the back of the stage area. Throw a quick dance move and cast a long shadow on a translucent curtain before you leave. For a moment, you are the “Star of the Show.”

As the evening continues, we are excited to host a poetry segment from two of the valley’s celebrated poets, Shawnte Orion and Rosemarie Dombrowski. The “shadow box” will become center stage and projection center.

Finally, we have a set of live music featuring harpist Adrienne “Dre” Knauer.
The after-party features more music and a dance experience. Mixing libations with music causes dancing where,
Soirees are private events for my professional artist friends and their partners. Joy is breaking bread with artists and sharing our studio/home and secluded location.

poster promoting Open Studio tour

We open our doors for our annual Open Studio Sale at noon on Sunday, October 22. We would love to see you and show you how our thoughts have influenced our work. The desert inspires our journey on a road less traveled. Read on:

S.O.L.O.: A Symphonic Artistry by Sandra and Larry Ortega

Art is a journey, and Sandra and Larry Ortega’s S.O.L.O. opens at the Soiree #8 event, aptly titled S.O.L.O., it explores the hearts and souls of two harmonious creators. As a result, their paths have converged to create something truly unique. Sandra, once known for her ceramic sculptures, and Larry, a once classically trained painter who has transitioned into self-taught sculpting, unveiled their solo work in an art-centric event that resonates with authenticity and love.

The Saturday night Soiree#8 is creating a buzz in the art community. Consequently, some of the valley’s most prominent practicing artists join in for an evening of creativity. We are honored to host this esteemed group of artists.

Sandra’s evolution from ceramics to new mediums marks a fascinating shift in her artistic approach. Meanwhile, the raw emotion once encapsulated in her sculptures now finds unique expression, offering an intimate glimpse into her creative psyche. Likewise, Larry’s transition from classical painting to sculpting has unlocked an extraordinary ability to breathe life into static materials. His self-taught methods bring a freshness that redefines conventional sculpting.

Open Studio Sale

Our Sunday afternoon Open Studio Sale has become an opportunity to purchase pieces from the gallery walls and pedestals to adorn their homes or offices. Collecting art is an experience for the soul, not confined to elite galleries but open to all who find joy in creation. The work is collectible and affordable.

Our show title; “S.O.L.O.” is a clever amalgamation of our initials. We are two individuals working individually but harmonizing our creativity into something beautiful and resonant. Each piece reflects our journeys and shared exploration as life and creative partners.


S.O.L.O. is not just a showcase of artistic talent; it is our love story, an ode to partnership, and a testament to the transformative power of art. We invite you into our world, and it’s a world imbued with creativity, passion, and soulful connection. The popularity of this event is not just for the artistry but for the human essence that shone through every brushstroke and chiseled line.

Collecting art is indeed for the soul, and Sandra and Larry Ortega have offered a piece of theirs with S.O.L.O.

photo of sunset with party goers.
A spectacular sunset is the start of Soiree #6
photo showing crowd at the open studio sale

Open Studio Sale on Sunday- Open to the public

Soiree RSVPs to date.

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Larry Ortega: Sculpture and digital artwork. Paintings by Sandra Ortega

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