About the artist: Larry Ortega is a master of multiple disciplines and blends his classical training in painting with an intuitive approach to sculpture. From his earliest days of brush and canvas, Larry has continually explored the vast landscapes of artistic expression. His journey has led him to the world of sculpture, where he operates as a self-taught sculptor, using resin and rare earth minerals as a primary medium.

About the artist: My artistry is about interpreting light and color. Much like a prism bending light waves, I manipulate resins, rare earth minerals, and their intrinsic properties to absorb and re-emit light, creating a captivating dance of illumination and shadow. This distinctive use of materials allows me to channel the transformative power of light.

My creations are sculptures that create mood. The mood is crafted through the understanding and application of color theory. The latest addition to my artistic palette is a collection of rare earth elements known for their intense light and wave spectrums. These elements infuse my work with a luminosity that transcends the physical, touching the spiritual.

About the artist: The sculptures are unique. In the dark, the work can harness incandescence through the medium. This glowing evocation strikes a chord with our innate spiritual nature, resonating with viewers on a deeper, more intrinsic level. Each piece offers a visual experience and a spiritual journey. My work is a testament to the transformative power of art, light, and the human spirit.

The Art of Larry Ortega


Short video featuring work for the “Illuminate” show this past August. Kevin Caron and Ceri Jones were the featured artists. This show was at the West Valley Arts Council. https://www.instagram.com/artshqgallery/?hl=en

The “Illuminate” exhibit showcased some of my latest pieces. The Agave surrounds our property, surviving the appetite of marauding javelinas. The plant protects itself with a needle-like spine. I see the sensuality and the DNA of the desert embedded in this piece of art.

Studio/Home of Larry & Sandra Ortega

Our studio space is evolving into the best place to create, display, and sell our work. Additionally, our Soiree events allow us to entertain at our secluded desert location.

We are excited to show you our latest works, which capture the “ethos” of the desert. Sandra explores the intersection of movement and light, while Larry captures the mystery of the desert with light and color emanating from his sculpture.

About the Artist: Photo of Larry and Sandra Ortega
Soul mates and studio mates

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