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Larry J Ortega

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Larry Ortega, a master of multiple disciplines, blends his classical training in painting with an intuitive approach to sculpture. From his earliest days of brush and canvas, Ortega has continually explored the vast landscapes of artistic expression. His journey has led him to the world of sculpture, where he operates as a self-taught innovator, using resins as a primary medium in his work.

Ortega’s artistry lies in his unique interpretation of light and color. Much like a prism bending light waves, he manipulates resins, rare earth minerals, and their intrinsic properties to absorb and re-emit light, creating a captivating dance of illumination and shadow. This distinctive use of materials allows him to channel the transformative power of light, akin to the dynamic strokes of paint on a canvas.

His creations are not just sculptures but moods crafted through his understanding and application of color theory. The latest addition to his artistic palette is a collection of rare earth elements known for their intense light and wave spectrums. These elements infuse his work with a luminosity that transcends the physical, touching the spiritual.

Ortega’s sculptures, glowing in the dark, harness the incandescence of these elements. This glowing evocation strikes a chord with our innate spiritual nature, resonating with viewers on a deeper, more intrinsic level. In each piece, Ortega offers not just a visual experience but a spiritual journey illuminated by his artistry. His work is a testament to the transformative power of art, light, and the human spirit.

The Art of Larry Ortega

Stephen Pressfield sums it up nicely: “The artists real medium is thought. The art is the product of [my] imagination”.

The cycles of nature provide a sense of the sacred. Light exposes that sacred sense. My work captures ambient light and stores it as “forbidden energy” or “excited” light which is produced using rare-earth minerals.

Light is an ever-present reminder of the dark. As a matter of clarification, Light needs Dark. Dark needs Light.

Here is a short story of a long life.

Creating Light Graffiti

A laser pen with white light creates a visible “light wave” on the sculpture’s surface. Pointing the light from the laser pen creates a dramatic effect of “light trails”. The art becomes a surface to draw with light; unlike painted graffiti, the light marks disappear over a short time.

The main body of work has been, first, my sculpture. And second, the photography of my sculpture. Consequently, art and science are used to capture and display the color and light emitted from my work.

Rare earth elements are liberally cast into my work, providing a unique color palette. See my online gallery:

photo of Agave Sculpture
Light Grafitti

Spring 2023 Catalog

The “Illuminate” exhibit showcased some of my latest pieces. The Agave surrounds our property, surviving the appetite of marauding javelinas. The plant protects itself with a needle-like spine. I see the sensuality and the DNA of the desert embedded in this desert being.


Short video featuring work for the “Illuminate” show this past August. Kevin Caron and Ceri Jones were the featured artists. This show was at the West Valley Arts Council

The “Illuminate” exhibit showcased some of my latest pieces. The Agave surrounds our property, surviving the appetite of marauding javelinas. The plant protects itself with a needle-like spine. I see the sensuality and the DNA of the desert embedded in this piece of art.

Studio/Home of Larry & Sandra Ortega

Our studio space is evolving into the best place to create, display and sell our work. Additionally, our Soiree events allow us to entertain at our secluded desert location. Now, we are inviting other artists to exhibit their work and participate in an Open Studio Sale, which occurs the day after the Soiree.

We are excited to show you our latest works capturing the “ethos” of the desert. Sandra explores the intersection of movement and light. While Larry captures the mystery of the desert with light and color emanating from his sculpture.

Soiree #6-an art-centric event

Soiree #6 was our first art-centric event for 2022. It was the largest private event we have hosted. Each soiree led to ideas to create events as an art opening, with food-fashion and music. Our private studio is hidden in the hills along a private road ending in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Sunsets and moonrises provide for the start of our events.

Over the years, we created gallery openings and other art-centric events through our downtown Phoenix gallery, Obliq Art.

As a result, we saw the opportunity to share the space with two other artists. Joey Melinda Morgan, a digital photographer and sculptor Hector Ortega

We continue to increase our gallery space within our home. The back studio has black velvet walls to photograph my work and display as well. Expanding the wall spaces indoors and outdoors has inspired the installation aspect of an art show.

Obliq Art-a gallery & more

Obliq Art was our brick-and-mortar gallery space in the Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix. We opened Gallery LUxx adjacent to Obliq Art to use for One Person Shows, art-centric events like Poetry readings, and experimental theatre.

Continued connections in the making.