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The prisoner swap exchanges the guilty for the innocent. “Give Us Barabbas, portrays the innocence of the lamb sacrificed. Its blood covers the names in the Book of Life. A portrait of the broken body of Jesus, the man, and the Lamb of God, soon to be Jesus, son of G_d.

Jesus is described as the Lamb of God in the book of John:

Printed on metal:

A prisoner swap.

The Scourging of Jesus

The Gospels say that Jesus suffered flagellation before his crucifixion, but the texts do not describe the scourge. Modern commentators have speculated about the scourge based on the Greco-Roman literary evidence and later relics. But do these bring us closer to the scourging of Jesus, or not?

Romans carried out many corporal punishments, including flagellation, which were part of criminal law and used in domestic, military, and public domains. Sources attest to different types of beating instruments, including the lorum (whip), habena (strap), scutica (lash), stimulus (goad), fustis (staff) virga (rod), catenae (chains) and, finally, the flagrum and flagellum (scourge). Milder punishments also existed, such as the ferula (stick) that schoolteachers used. At home, the master could choose between the stick, lash, and scourge to beat his slaves.

The Scourging of Christ

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