My work explores the unique interpretation of light and color. Like a prism bending light waves, I layer translucent resin with a palette of earth minerals. Light is stored. In the dark, light re-emits a spectrum of UV-type color.

The sculpture’s surface captures the dance of illumination, shadow, and shape. As a result, this distinctive use of materials allows me to channel the transformative power of light and color. Light becomes the dynamic strokes of paint on a canvas and graffiti on” “Vessels of Light.”

The sculpture is photographed in dark settings in my garden areas. They are illuminated using UV garden light, which enhances the sculpture’s color and light. Impervious to rain, they display nicely in outdoor areas but avoid direct sunlight.

My work, which glows in the dark, harnesses the incandescence of the rare earth elements. The works of art create a glowing evocation. Something that strikes a chord with our innate spiritual nature. I hope the work will resonate with viewers on a deeper, more intrinsic level. In each piece, a visual experience and a spiritual journey are illuminated by the artistry. Learn more:

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