photo of Larry and Sandra Ortega

In Sandra’s latest series, “Piercing Illusions,” her paper planes take on an ethereal quality, floating through the darkened skies like celestial UFOs. First, this isn’t just child’s play transformed into art—it’s a transcendent experience that challenges our perceptions of objects and atmosphere. As a result, the planes, set against noir-inspired backdrops, become luminous symbols that defy the earth’s gravity. The night air is no longer a space but a canvas for these glowing, artificial birds, a conduit through which they pierce the illusion of what is known and familiar.

But the complexity doesn’t end there; each paper plane is a repository of narratives. Like a bibliophile’s cherished book or a seashell resonating with the ocean’s whispers, these planes are cradles of stories, carefully folded into their very structure. Indeed, you can say that each fold, each crease, is a chapter or a verse in an unwritten tale that hovers at the edge of our consciousness.

In addition, the panels themselves are no passive backdrops. They engage actively with the viewer through cryptic writings integrated into the surface of the paintings. These texts serve as a subtle invitation, urging the viewer to look closer, to discover more, and to engage more deeply with the work. In doing so, we find ourselves not merely observers but participants in an unfolding narrative that’s as mysterious as beautiful.

The result is a captivating dialogue between form and emptiness, light and darkness, story and enigma. This series lifts the humble paper plane into a realm of imagination and wonder, a flight of fancy penetrating the veil of our everyday reality.

The Art of Sandra Ortega

Sunnyslope Open Studio Sale

Studio/Home of Larry & Sandra Ortega

Our studio space is evolving into the best place to create, display, and sell our work. Additionally, our Soiree events allow us to entertain at our secluded desert location.

We are excited to show you our latest works, which capture the “ethos” of the desert. Sandra explores the intersection of movement and light, while Larry captures the mystery of the desert with light and color emanating from his sculpture.

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