The Art of Movement #1

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Cast resin with rare earth minerals that creates a bioluminescent like light visible in the dark. Any light source charges the sculpture and we provide a 21 bulb UV light and a laser pointer to charge the pieces.

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Light moves at 186,000 miles per second. Sound waves travel at 346 miles per second. Ocean waves and airwaves all travel slower than the speed of light.
We are surrounded by natural desert mountains and preserve. As a result, a vast array of desert creatures visit both day and night. What I cannot see, but only hear are the footsteps of an invisible God. My latest work emulates a Promethean being that lurks in our canyon.
The darkness of night provides spiritual alchemy and the best viewing experience for what look like apparitions or mirages.
​How do create images of the invisible? Can they be mirages? Or dreams? Or are they hallucinations? I have pondered this conundrum for some time now and somehow my artwork answers that question with memories of wilderness experiences. There is something about being absolutely alone under a big sky.


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