Agave Towers #1


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I am surrounded by natural unspoiled desert. Native plants abound in our area and property. My intrigue with the Agave cactus caused a decision to create a series of sculptures out of the shape and detail of a single leaf. Its sharp point is its defensive mechanism to ward off predators. Its elegant shape captures what is scarce to deliver it to the heart of the plant. The smooth and thick skin protects the fibrous inside and protects the water within.

The series explores Shape, Color, and Light. Molded as an exact duplicate of an Agave leaf. The light and color pierce and defines the outline of the dark. They stand tall, guarding the night as if they are providing security from the perils of the wilderness.

Highly sensitive to Light Grafitti. Multiple display options. Starting at $475.

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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 28 in