Totem: Pillar of Light


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My artistry thrives on investigating the enigmatic noir aesthetic, journeying into profound realms of disorientation and solitude. It’s in the tranquility where a touch of quiet isolation is born. As one who paints with light, my fascination lies in the nocturnal transformation. It is where the ordinary world shifts into an enigmatic persona.

My sculptures capture the DNA of the desert through shape, color, and light. I strive to encapsulate the very soul of noir; it’s within the shadows and the embrace of the night that seemingly mundane objects awaken, pulsing with life under the mysterious veil of darkness.

A Totem Cactus transforms the darkness. 33″ x 10″x 10″. Cast resin/with rare-earth minerals, wood, and volcanic stone molcajete.

The molcajete is an optional piece for this totem. The 4″ round wood can a stand alone base. It rests on a