Agave Series: Desert Enchantment


The “Agave Series” of sculpture use the sensuous form of a leaf that creates a mood of sacredness in the dark.

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Light and Dark: Agave Series

The elegant forms of agave outline the darkness while Light and color leak out gently in the night. A theme of healing and restoration is part of the desert enchantment of the work.  This is a two-part art piece consisting of the Agave casting and the “spade” shape platform. Agave

The Agave cast sits on a platform created using two pieces of burlwood fused together. The surface of the live edges of the burl is pitted and rough. While the interior of the burlwood has pits and openings filled with resin and rare-earth minerals. Like old healed wounds, the surface depicts the scars of life, healed but scarred. The color of light emanating from within the sculpture portrays additional spiritual metaphors. The hope of following the truth that sets you free.

Laser light creates light graffiti on the surface of the agave. The message is known to those who know, while others take the dark but seductive road to Perdition.

Rare-Earth Minerals

Rare-earth minerals provide a seductive color palette. The “Agave Series” Desert Enchantment incorporates two pieces, the work using a .  22″ x 36″ x 15″ Sycamore burl wood. Attached to the platform is a bouquet of Agave leaves created to precisely represent Agave leaves using silicone molds. Layers of translucent resin allow the light to bend in a sensual manner.

  • Cuatro Agaves
  • Tres Agaves
  • Dos Agaves
  • Uriel
  • Columns of Fire
  • Columns of Clouds

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Dimensions 12 × 24 × 36 in


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