Cuatro Agaves


Agave Series: Four Agave leaves create a bouquet of color and light.

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The sensual and undulating shapes of Agave leaves inspire the Agave Series of artworks. The sculpture is hand-crafted using rare-earth minerals and translucent resin. Desert colors: Orange, yellow, blue, violet, and pink are part of this Agave sculpture. Cuatro (four) Agaves arranges the Agave leaves into a bouquet of color and light.

Experience the beauty and spirituality of the desert through the shape, color, and light of Cuatro Agaves.

There is a complex interplay between light and shadow. The Ying-Yang symbol recognizes dual polarity. Each polarity contains a speck of its opposite within it. From a quantum physics perspective, we can explain it through the language of vibration and frequency.

The sensuality of light of the art. Light and color seduce the darkness creating a spiritual atmosphere. Sunsets provide a brief interlude between day and night, lured by the darkness of the night.

The sculpture’s color is dramatically different in the day than in the dark. The rare-earth minerals store light energy. The rare earth minerals slowly release an “excited” light only visible in the dark. A UV flashlight, a laser, and a spotlight is supplied with the purchase. These lights greatly enhance the experience in the night.

  • Tres Agave
  • Dos Agaves
  • Two Agaves
  • Uriel

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 29 in


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