photo of sculpture

An elegant design adapted for desert life. Sharp and spikey for protection, with a smooth and tough skin to capture what is rare in the desert: Moisture. It lives as it was designed. In a way, I am casting the “inner” life of an Agave, its invisible nature full of life and light.

The Agave plant’s primary use was in religious ceremonies and for medicinal
purposes in Nahautl culture. By the late 1500’s, Spaniards running short out of
brandy, searched for fermentable sugars for distilling.

Three Agave leaves.

Molded directly from leaves of desert agaves on our property. Cast with layers of resin infused with rare-earth minerals. The bioluminescent-like light ignites in the dark emitting a sensual palette of color. The channel of the shape is cast and filled with layers of animated color and verticle light, in contrast to the filled color of the shape. Represents both air and water. Light from the universe meets an abundant source of water and creates a cycle of growth. A desert totem is another desert botanical:

photo of sculpture
Molded from plants from the desert

This limited edition will be released after the “artists proofs” are created. The 30″ leaves have a number of options for specialty bases. Sold singularly or in a group. Can be a free standing sculpture or display on a wall like a light sconce.

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