Larry and Sandra Ortega

Our last Open Studio Sale of the year. It is a one-day event at Obliq Art, 1844 E. Cinnabar Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020. This is our home studio in the Slope. We have limited parking at our location. Most people park along Cinnabar Ave and walk up the hill to our studio where you are greeted with something bubbly.

New Work

Photo of Dos Agaves sculpture
Dos Agaves: Desert Moon
photo of Sandra's painting
photo of Tres Agave sculpture
Tres Agaves

Obliq Art Parking

aerial photo of cinnabar canyon
1844 E. Cinnabar Ave

December 11th, 2022

We are hosting the last event for us on Sunday, December 11, starting around lunchtime till the golden hour around 5:30 pm. Please park in the cul-de-sac below (yellow highlight) and take a short hike up the canyon to the studio. We do have parking for five vehicles in our driveway.

The latest paintings of Sandra Ortega are combined with the latest sculptures by Larry Ortega. The work follows a similar theme in a completely dissimilar fashion. Sunsets in the desert, high above the valley floor are a major influence on both of their work. Many one-of-a-kind pieces are available for purchase. Most were created during the lockdown. Our favorite charities include Foster Homes, Orphanages, and local food banks. A portion of each sale goes directly to charities.

2022 Previous Fall and Spring Open Studio Sales

We celebrated our fifth Fall Open Studio Tour on October 23. This is our second Open Studio event for the year. Obliq Art opened the studio and created a digital gallery. We partnered with Art Link to host an Open Studio Tour in conjunction with Art Detour 34.

We kicked off the art-centric weekend this past March, with Soiree # 6 on Saturday evening. Then on Sunday, we hosted an open Art Studio tour. The beer, wine, and food from the night before were an added bonus. We surprise many people when they discover the location and the art exhibit. Soiree # 8 is in the planning stage for March 2023.

We hosted Joey Melinda Morgan and Hector Ortega as our guest artists.

We were so grateful and a bit overwhelmed with our sales for the weekend and two weeks beyond. Our digital exhibit helped elongate the art studio tour.

Open Studio Tour October 23, 2022

Obliq Art will open late morning on Sunday, October 23. And concludes at the sunset hour. Joining us in the gallery are Jason Hugger, Sally Murphy and Nick Rascona.

Visit our secluded studio and this unique art-centric event. Original paintings, sculpture, and mixed media art by local valley artists. We are called a “bohemian setting” by some. Obliq Art is situated along a private canyon road overlooking the valley. The canyon is part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Our panoramic views and pristine desert setting are an inspiration for our work. A serene setting with very good juju. Part of the art studio tour. Google Map:,-112.0425328,17.07z

We’ve created something different, and we want you to experience it. We combine affordable and original artworks and a curated group of independent artists to show at Obliq Art Gallery. And provide a semi-stocked bar.

Open Studio Tour Poster
Open Studio Tour opens during the holiday season.

The open gallery space has three major walls spotlighting the artist’s work. An outdoor installation is created with pipe and black velvet drape with unique lighting installed to showcase my work. The garden areas have seating available to enjoy the day’s libations.

Soiree # 7 finishes on Saturday night and the celebration continues the next day with our Open Studio Tour. Our Soirees bring together professional artists with recognition, and a chimeric personality, who have a viable practice. This includes chefs, visual artists, tattoo artists, poets, musicians, screenwriters, and friends of the arts.

Iron sharpens Iron. That is what generous artists do.

Cinnabar Canyon Road Parking

Aerial View of Cinnabar Canyon

No parking along the Cinnabar Canyon road. Please park on Cinnabar Ave (highlighted in yellow) and a short walk up the hill. You will be greeted with a refreshing drink, beautiful views and an exhibition and of local artists and art.

Works of Art by Larry Ortega