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Mind Tattoo II


My work explores the unique interpretation of light and color. Like a prism bending light waves, I manipulate resins, rare earth minerals, and their intrinsic properties to absorb and re-emit light. Creating a surface-captivating dance of illumination and shadow. As a result, this distinctive use of materials allows me to channel the transformative power of light, akin to the dynamic strokes of paint on a canvas.

My creations are not just static sculptures. Moods are crafted through an application of color theory. The latest series is a collection of botanical molds cast with a strong palette of rare earth elements. Consequently, the light and wave spectrums create an opportunity to use bold colors. In short, these elements infuse the sculpture and light with a luminosity that transcends the physical, touching the spiritual.

My work, which glows in the dark, harnesses the incandescence of the rare earth elements. The works of art create a glowing evocation. Something that strikes a chord with our innate spiritual nature. My hope is the work will resonate with viewers on a deeper, more intrinsic level. In each piece, a visual experience and a spiritual journey are illuminated by the artistry. Learn more:

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