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Larry Ortega, a master of multiple disciplines, blends his classical training in painting with an intuitive approach to sculpture. From his earliest days of brush and canvas, he has continually explored the vast landscapes of artistic expression. His journey has led him to the world of sculpture, where he operates as a self-taught innovator. Resins and rare-earth minerals are the primary medium in his work. Consequently, sculpture and light are themes in his works of art.

Ortega’s artistry lies in his unique interpretation of light and color. Much like a prism bending light waves, he manipulates resins, rare earth minerals, and their intrinsic properties to absorb and re-emit light. Creating a surface-captivating dance of illumination and shadow. As a result, this distinctive use of materials allows him to channel the transformative power of light, akin to the dynamic strokes of paint on a canvas.

Photo of sculpture
The Chalice is one of the latest sculptures.

His creations are not just sculptures but moods crafted through his understanding and application of color theory. Meanwhile, the latest addition to his artistic palette is a collection of botanical molds cast with a strong palette of rare earth elements. Consequently, the light and wave spectrums create an opportunity to use bold colors. In short, these elements infuse his sculpture and light with a luminosity that transcends the physical, touching the spiritual.

Ortega’s sculptures, glowing in the dark, harness the incandescence of these elements. The works of art create a glowing evocation. Something that strikes a chord with our innate spiritual nature, resonating with viewers on a deeper, more intrinsic level. In each piece, Ortega offers a visual experience and a spiritual journey illuminated by his artistry. His work is a testament to the transformative power of art, light, and the human spirit. Learn more:

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