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Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the realm of image creation, making it more efficient, dynamic, and imaginative. Techniques such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Neural Style Transfer are changing the landscape of digital art and design.

GANs, in particular, have the power to generate incredibly detailed and realistic images, ranging from human faces to landscapes and objects, by learning from vast datasets of existing images and iteratively refining the output. This innovation has the potential to revolutionize industries from entertainment and advertising to gaming and beyond.

Meanwhile, Neural Style Transfer leverages AI’s capacity to understand artistic styles, allowing it to recreate images in the styles of famous painters or any desired aesthetic. Both techniques show how AI has the potential to democratize creativity, offering new tools that can augment human capabilities and open up unexplored avenues for artistic expression

A.I. technology creates a new art platform. As a result, beautifully rendered images are produced first, using the photographs of my work as a layer that captures light, color, and shape. Next comes the text-to-image process. Finally, the text-to-image is exported to Adobe for final editing. The work is then digitally printed on metal with a high-gloss finish.

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