October 23.
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Why you need art in your life.

Jordon Peterson

I am adapting Jordan Peterson’s philosophy on why you should own art. Why? Because he presents an authentic explanations of the benefits of owning original art. Second, he brings fresh thoughts for mid-career artists pursuing their Artist Journey. Most importantly (maybe?) is it refreshed my Blue Ocean strategy https://www.blueoceanstrategy.com/what-is-blue-ocean-strategy/ . It has me seeking new edges and deeper water.

The Soiree Series

We are hosting Soiree #7 on the evening of October 22. Because of Soiree #1, I began exploring the idea of a series of Soirees. As a matter of fact, I describe the Soiree events as being “art-centric”.

The event guest list for S#1 was six artists and their partners. This little tribe had a commonality as having a professional artist designation. Several are represented by the Bonner-David Gallery https://bonnerdavid.com/ . Other artist show and sell their work in different galleries through the US, and in one case, in galleries in Europe.

Our evening started at the golden hour. As a result, all our Soirees start at the golden hour with food and libations. Then to music and games. And yes, occasionally dancing breaks out.

Artists are a big part of my tribe, people who are in the proffessional creative class. Dyana Hesson, along with her hubby, Randy created the deGrazi photo shoot. Dyana put together the artist interview. Events like this are for people like us. https://www.instagram.com/dyhesson/

Recreating deGrazia bar scene

What We Learned

We hosted five Soirees in 2021. Unlike this year, where we will only host two events.

Because we added additional gallery walls and installation, we added two guest artists to Soiree #6. Joey Melinda, https://www.artmixedup.com/ and Hector Ortega https://www.ortegasculpture.com/ . As a result, We broke new ground and territory last year being part of Art Detour.

This is our second year we staged an event in association with Art Detour. We combined Soiree #6 with Art Detour 34 and held and Open Studio event the next day with little or no sleep. Because of the Soiree, we had plenty of left over drinks from the night before. Wine, beer, hard ciders, selters greeted our guests on Sunday.

And we sold artwork. And that fulfilled one of my goals. We sold work online and beyond the weekend.

Annual Fall Art Sale

We are celebrating our fifth year of hosting an Open Studio Tour. We are going to call the event “Buy Some Damn Art Sale”. On the other hand, we may host an event called “Buy Some Damn Art II” + “Sunday Open Studio” or SOS for short. Stay tuned for this announcement.

S#7 Guest Artists

Jason Hugger Nick Rascona & Sally Murphy

photo of artist Jason Hugger

Poets Shawnte Orion & Rosemarie Dombrowski

Your Hosts

Standing at the door. Just knock.

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