West of the Moon…East of the Sun

The artist journey is beautifully illuminated by the light within people. Friends have a strong influence in my life, they provide inspiration and clarity. As a result, leaving the safe spaces of my life has enlarged my territory. I feel like I am called to explore, abandon the safety of the castle, and follow the light. Most importantly, following your calling is life itself. Not following your calling is labor. Here’s to taking that hidden path. JRR Tolkein : West of the Moon…East of the Sun

Light is metaphor for all things valuable. Light displays spiritualty. It reveals the direction of a journey. It provides clarity. The artist labors to provide light to their work, or within the work.

Illuminate show

The Artist Journey

“Illuminate” An installation by three sculptors using light within their work to immerse the entire volume of the space with color and light. The traditional “white cube” with white walls and strong white lighting was transformed into something using the magical oeuvre of color, light and shadow. https://larryjortega.com/illuminate/

Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones sculptures animate the space with seductive light and dancing shadows. On the other hand, her installations were the largest of the show. She used the volume of the space to suspend her beautifully crafted light chandoliers. The intimate detail of shapes create the most playful shadows. Color and light adorned the air while reflecting on the dark surface of a highly polished concrete floor. To see Ceri’s artist journey: https://thecollaboratory.com/art

Kevin Caron

The artist installed his latest 3D “Laser Printed” sculpture series. The sculptural shapes are transluscent forms. They create a unique lens effect bending the light and the color of light. The column like forms remind me of flames or the shape things in the desert. For example, his organic forms have the appearance of desert plants. Second, the LED lighting options are controlled by a remote control device. High tech.

Finally, this collection of work is wildly different than his portfolio of steel sculpture. Precision and tolerance are obtained with the technology in the hands of an artist.To see more of his artist journey see: https://kevincaron.com/

Larry Ortega

“A dark space allows me to create an experience to interact with my “ethereal bodies of light”. The all sculpture show allowe me to use black velvet curtains to provide the backdrop for my illuminated work. Traditional gallery lighting were replaced with UltraViolet LED lighting. As a result, the black velvet element and UV lighting allowed the strong presentation of my work using rare-earth elements within layers of hardened liquid.

A laser pen allowed the viewer to create light grafitti on the surface of the work. The line of colors and light mar the surface creating a temporary mark on the work. Light energy erases all traces of the grafitti. While the color and light were sensual and long lasting. More about my artist journey. https://larryjortega.com/

Arts HQ Surprise AZ

Arts HQ is a beautifully appointed contemporary art gallery. The “white cube” was transformed by not only the work but the gallery preparators and curator. Special thank you to Michael Denson and Daisy Brady. Details were handled proffessionally.

You elevated the presentation of my work by replacing the gallery lighting to accomodate my work. It made my work stand out against the black velvet. Five stars for all the staff. Yummy stuff and good wine and cheese. Everthing was done beautifully. It was definitely a fine art exhibit.

Surprise has a beautiful gem to share with the rest of the valley with Art HQ. Bravo! https://www.westvalleyarts.org/


For the first time ever the Arts HQ Gallery will showcase illuminated sculptures viewed in day AND in darkness. From August 12th – 25th work can be viewed under gallery lighting, appreciating the artist’s skill and attention to detail. August 26th – September 9th our gallery will “go dark” illuminated only by the works themselves.

Illuminate immerses patrons in a different kind of art exhibit. Three local contemporary sculptors will feature works created using metal, wood, minerals, resin and….LIGHT! This all-sculpture exhibit invites viewers into innovative practices in art including 3D printed works, hanging gardens, and bioluminescent minerals cast in resin.

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