photo of sculpture

Desert Spirituality

I am fascinated by religions, especially Native American religion and culture. Shamans and healers, speak about the meaning of engagements with the animal spirits. These holy men say that a hawk is often a messenger from Angels, Devas and the Divine. I muse that the found objects embedded within my work are like a spiritual talisman, having the power to heal or to protect. I am certain that many before me had the same thought. Yes, most of my pieces have the healing soil of Mission Chimayo embedded in the piece.

Desert Studio

There is quiet in the studio. As a result, prayer and meditation set the mood for encounters in the desert. Windows and skylights provide constant opportunities to observe visitors to the studio: Hawks, dove and clouds hover overhead during the day and different at night. Nighttime encounters in the desert happen each night. The javelina follow a desert wash along the boundies of my property. A gecko and owl can be heard signaling in the canyon. Our gardens are behind the walls seperating our home from the natural desert. Coyotes are a daily visitor, as are racoons and occasional bobcat. Time spent in the gardens helps me understand our connectedness to the land and the universe.

Desert DNA

The desert DNA is embedded in my work. That is to say that the colors of a sunset are captured. As is the light as a theme and focal point. Some work in this series took me back to memories of times in the wilderness of the desert. Where a mirage can tempt your camp.  Above all, Light guides us through a journey in the desert. The artist in me says “all I need is what I already have and for that I am grateful.”

photo of sculpture
Leads to Freedom
Photo shot at night.
Light Grafitti connects the heaven to earth. Like a prayer, the light is meant to illuminate the edges of things.

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