Our studio/home is perched along a private canyon road with a commanding valley view. It’s a setting that embodies the essence of serenity and seclusion, providing the perfect backdrop for our artistic endeavors and the art-centric events we host. The golden hour becomes a canvas, inspiring a journey of serenity and self-discovery. The frequency of sound waves is curative, relieving accumulative stress and balancing the mind. Adrienne Knauer creates this guided tour. Join the celebration.

As the sun sets on our beloved studio home, we invite you to join us for one last unforgettable evening. The final soirée, a celebration of creativity, community, and countless memories, will be held on Saturday, October 26th, starting at the “Golden Hour.” This event promises to be a fitting farewell to the space that has nurtured artistic expression and camaraderie.

Our studio has been a sanctuary for artists, a hub for inspiration, and a second home to many. The final soirée is a goodbye and a tribute to our shared journey. Expect an evening filled with vibrant art displays, live performances, and a dancing playlist. We’ve curated a selection of works and some unique pieces that highlight the evolution of our collective creativity.

Satin Jackets, Weekend Players, Jadu Heart, Astro Color, Jermango Dreaming, Roosevelt, Jungle, Otha, Polica, Cannons, Darius, St. Lucia, The War on Drugs, Real Estate and others

Sandra and Larry Ortega in their studio and home in the desert preserve
Soul mates and studio mates


Solitude: Secluded from Loneliness

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Solitude “Solitude” captures an introspective moment set against a backdrop that wrestles with the boundaries of perception. Still, the underlying question of when solitude masks loneliness adds a profound complexity to the image. The clock, frozen at 10:10 pm, suggests a specific moment. This visual metaphor for balance and symmetry could imply a moment of…
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