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Art-Centric and Poetic

One of the first people I spoke to about my idea and vision of hosting “art-centric” events was poet Shawnte Orion. We posed in a “make-shift” shadowbox for this photo. I think it is a photo by Jia Oak Baker. Now a couple of years later, we are working on the spoken-word presentation for Soiree #7 galllery opening on the evening of October 22.

A serendipitous encounter on a First Friday on Grand Ave provided a catalyst for an idea. As a result, I am fantasizing about presenting the event as part of the gallery opening of Soiree #7. There are several areas indoor and outdoor areas for readings. I always wanted to create an outdoor installation for different events under the stars and on the grass. Downtown Phoenix lights make for a beautiful backdrop for the event.

Shawnte Orion

Shawnte will be reading poetry from his publised book “Gravity & Spectacle” This is his colaborative work with photographer and fellow poet, Jia Oak Baker.

Gia Oak Baker

“Gia Oak Baker’s stunning photographs of Flesh Cactus, a discarded punk-rock-skateboard-video-prop-mask, and Shawnte Orion’s sardonic, pop culture-infused poetry make the strange world of Gravity & Spectacle. It is a slanted ode to Phoenix and its surrounding deserts, both gorgeous and absurd, stoic and wry, gravitational and spectacular, a “love letter to the fireplace” of a hometown seen through the lens and the pens of two of its inhabitants.”

Rosemarie Dombrowski

Rosemarie Dombrowski

Rosemarie Dombrowski is the inaugural Poet Laureate of Phoenix, AZ and the founding editor of rinky dink press. She’s also the founding director of Revisionary Arts, a nonprofit that facilitates therapeutic poetry workshops for vulnerable populations and the community at large. Rosemarie is also the recipient of an Arts Hero award (2017), a Fellowship from the Academy of American Poets (2020), a Great 48 award (Phoenix Magazine, 2020), and the Arizona Humanities Outstanding Speaker Award (2022). She’s an Assistant Professor of Practice at U of A Biomedical (Phoenix) and a Principal Lecturer at Arizona State University where she specializes in medical humanism, literature of the marginalized, and journal editing/production.

She’ll be reading selections from The Cleavage Planes of Southwest Minerals [A Love Story], winner of the 2017 Split Rock Review chapbook competition.

Rosemarie Dombrowski, PhD

Poet Laureate, City of Phoenix

Principal Lecturer, ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus

Assistant Professor of Practice, U of A Biomedical-Phoenix

Founding Editor, rinky dink press

Founder/Director, Revisionary Arts



“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” Leonardo da Vinci.

Soiree # 7 Starts at the “Golden Hour”

Next update will have the visual artist work.

A few thoughts about how our studio/home became the best gallery to show our work.

photo of a room

“Illuminate” Art Show Opening

“Side Hustle” Part of the artist life

photo of sculpture. Draw your Soul

Draw Your Soul

photo of sunset

Visual Artists: Recession 2022

photo of sculpture


photo of sculpture

Spirituality in Art

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