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Side hustles are part of the artist life.

Bring your best creativity to your “side hustle.” Working in a museum, an artistic environment (think Meow Wolf), or a gallery is a job that keeps you close to art. It can provide inspiration for your own work. It may be an opportunity to show your work in the gallery setting. Let beauty leak out.

Teaching part-time is a “side hustle.” Working with children has creative merit, whether they are five or twenty-five.

Online education has led to multiple “side hustle” opportunities. Some bloggers have a large follower base, and their sites become monetized sufficient to support the authors’ lifestyle. For many bloggers I know, blogging is their art.

Buy a Damn Piece of Art. Brilliant.

Jordan Peterson explains why buying original art is an investment in our lives. Maybe not for the reason you may think.

Buy a Damn Piece of Art

“There is nothing more economically valuable than teaching people how to articulate and communicate.” Jordan Peterson – Buy a Damn Piece of Art: Why You Need Art in Your Life

The birth of children and the “side hustle.”

Sometimes the “side hustle” becomes a day job occupying most of your daylight hours. However, I continuously operated on this theory; The ‘side hustle” was an endeavor that made you money. But it was not full-time. It allowed you time to pursue your personal aesthetic in the media you work with.

Economic Security

Economic security can outweigh the pursuit of your art. Raising a family brings great responsibility and sacrifice on your part. Contributing your best to your family does not mean giving up on your creative drive. Bring you creative influence to everything you do.

At the same time, when artists use the creative process of identifying problems and articulating solutions, are they not creating art?

What is art?

Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to intellect, sense, or emotion. It encompasses various human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music and literature. The meaning of art is explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics.

Who is an artist?

An artist is a person engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art. The common usage in both everyday speech and academic discourse refers to a practitioner in the visual arts only. Wikipedia


photo and story about the Arizona Center

Artist as Entreprenuer

I look back at my forty-year career in commercial real estate. Real estate brokerage and development is not art in the traditional sense. However, it does mimic performance art.

I always thought of my real estate practice as an art. It was about identifying problems and creating solutions. Working in the retail/shopping center industry provides a rich environment to create value. I began looking at it as a sculpture. It became 3D in my thinking.

Shopping Center Development

First, shopping center development, in its essence, is a place that creates community and economic viability. Second, the anchor tenant provides the development theme. Finally, junior anchors and speciality retailers and a mix of restaurant and service providers join in to create a community and coalition. The larger the commercial development, the larger the community it creates.

Technology disrupted the retail world. The strong retailers are rewarded, while technology terminated categories like video rental storefronts, services like the travel industry, and electronic stores. Blockbuster and Radio Shack disappeared to be replaced by trendy corporate restaurants or banks. Retail is a reflection of culture. My practice centered on Food-Fashion-Music and Art retail categories.

Artist & Entreprenuers

“While not all entrepreneurs are artists, all artists are entrepreneurs. Artists, like entrepreneurs, have a product or idea to sell and need to get out into the marketplace. In order to do this, artists need (at the very least) basic business skills and a willingness to approach selling art as any entrepreneur would”.


The Soiree community continues to grow. Attendee curation has followed guild members’ guidelines from past cultures. Lucky for us, we only had to remove a handful of people. On the other hand, we are careful to protect our community.

Art is the act of creating beauty. As a result, beauty takes on a journey to transcendency.

We limit our invitations. We know how to create a big crowd. Now, we are learning how to create a meaningful one. Most new invitations are coming from this community and you mainly. Please continue to share the event with people like us.

Obliq Art Logo

I use a 3D evaluation method for so many areas of life. It is like creating a sculpture. What’s Right? What’s Wrong” What’s Missing” and What’s confused? It creates a lot of questions and observations, like what you discover in a laboratory.

Soiree #7

Hosting other artists to show alongside Sandra and me has been one of the things that answers the question about what’s right.

Soiree #7 is the second event where we host artists to show and sell in an Open Studio format.

Please send me an email about your interest in participating. I created new outdoor spaces to show work. It can be work shown on pedestals, along with pieces that can be hung on our steel screened walls around the property.

gallery photo

Finally, we are excited about featuring a poetry reading at Soiree #7. Like music, the beauty that words create inspires me. And we hope it inspires you as well.

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