Treasures in Earthen Vessels: Series of Thirteen


36″ x 5″ x 5″ Cast resin mixed with rare earth minerals.


Each piece is an original work of art. An agaves leaf points to the heavenly realms. Adapted to flourish in the desert wilderness. It collects the desert’s scarcest resource; Water. While the spikes, thorns, and sharp edges provide protectiom.

Color and light leak through the translucent layers of liquid resin mixed with rare earth minerals. It creates a peculiar palette of color and light.

The shape of the work takes on a visual interpretation as Tongues of Fire. The natural world reflects the nature of the Light. The surface of the artwork translates light waves into graffiti. The work is best viewed in a darkened room. UV lights and a Laser pen provide a “charge” that ignites the mineral’s light properties.

The graffiti disappears over time, lost words captured for a moment. My next exhibit is October 23 at our studio/home.

Numbered One Through Thirteen

Two molds were created for the series and a palette of color was established to produce the highest illumination of the pieces. Rare-earth minerals produce color and light. The light waves emitted from the work can last for hours, emitting colors of blue, green, yellow, violet, orange, red, pink, and white.

A base is included in the price. Two lights are provided as well. UV 21 and Laser Pen for creating light grafitti. The glass bases are included in the price. We have other bases which are larger. Wood, concrete, resin, steel and glass bases.