The Drop #1

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8″ x 25″ x 8″ cast resin with rare earth minerals. Shows the movement of riding a wave. Surf wall art.

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Light waves illuminate a path to aim for. Ocean Waves #1 expresses the beauty of color dancing on an ocean wave. The Drop brings back frightful memories and why speed was so important. Riding light waves is much different than ocean waves. The form cuts through the dark of the night effortlessly. In the dark, the piece glows like a candle in the night. Eerie in a way. Surfing also gives you an awareness and appreciation of the natural world. The ocean air has movement and the birds use it to navigate.

Moving at the speed of ocean waves. The two-piece series The Drop and Off the Lip portrays the art of movement through my experience of surfing ocean waves.

How do you describe the feeling of surfing?
What Does It Feel Like to Surf Big Waves? When big wave surfing (20 feet or bigger), all of the same sensations can be experienced, but with a much more raw, powerful, unforgiving feeling. Flying down an almost vertical wall of rushing water, you will feel the wind rush past your face as though you are in a race car.


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