Objects for an Ofrenda #3


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Objects for an Ofrenda

I create work that I hope becomes a spiritual encounter to the viewer. My work is influenced by the desert’s spirituality. The connection I have with the natural world is a strong theme in my work. 

Light provides space for prayer, meditation while allowing me to focus on the nature of healing and restoration. “Sacred Vessels” are sacred as I imagine a vessel that can heal.

I muse that the found objects embedded within translucent layers of resin are like a talisman, having the power to heal and to protect. The desert DNA is present in this series and my imagination took me back to a time in the wilderness where a faint light guides the journey through the desert. These pieces remind me that all I need is what I already have been given and I am grateful.

Evenings bekons the night sky to block out all light but it cannot. The smallest star, light years away provide solace. The light of the moon is enought for the pilgrim to travel. And the a favorite quote comes to mind: 

“It is a commonplace of all religious thought, even the most primitive, that the man seeking visions and insight must go apart from his fellows and love for a time in the wilderness.”
Loren Eiseley

A glass vessel contains the light, color and shape of transluscent rings of rainbow colored light. A single bloom, tells the story of it’s life in the desert. Comes dry, just add water.

Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world.



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