Margarita Glass #1


8″ margarita shaped glass filled to the brim with layers of rare earth minerals.

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A margarita glass cast with rare earth elements. Each layer is transluscent and activated by light to produce a “bioluminescent” light and color spectrum. The flavor of color is uniquely displayed. No two are alike.

The last set of glasses was inspired by the layers of colors from other glasses I have cast in the past. The unique shape of the glass and by adding couchons, create very distinct layers, seperating the clear resin and the layers infused with the rare earth minerals which allow the pieces to exude a bioluminescent like light. A palette of yellow, blue, violet and reds are the main colors. The bioluminescent like like is very strong in these pieces.

Besides a margarita glass, a wine glass, a martini glass and champagne flutes are part of this series:

Bioluminescent is different from Flourescent. The same effect is attained.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 cm


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