Uriel # 1

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The sensual design of agave leaves illuminated by the light of rare earth elements. Choice of base includes rock, wood, or steel combined with the artistry of my resin work.

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The leaves of desert plants became the subject of a new series of sculptures. I became intrigued with the historical use of the plant. I visited the area in Mexico where they farm the plant. Distilling Blue Agave creates tequila, and Mezcal. Indigenous peoples of the SW used it medicinally, like the plant, Aloe. The spike was used to stitch animal skins for clothing.

Using silicone for my molds is the best material to reproduce the detail of the object’s shape.
The work is an exact likeness of the sharp edges, spikes, thorns, and the waxy feel of the skin.
Next, I use translucent resins mixed with rare earth elements cast in layers into the molds. Finally, I use my painterly aesthetic to create a strong color palette visible in the daylight and dark. The display of light and color is intense. It remains visible for a much longer time than in my previous work.

Light quells fear. Light provides security. Very much welcome when you are lost. The bioluminescent-like light is the subject of this series.
There is a complex interplay between light and shadow. Through an esoteric lens, this interplay is captured by the Ying Yang symbol, which exemplifies that each polarity contains within it a speck of its opposite. From a quantum physics perspective, we can explain the same phenomenon through the language of vibration, waves, and frequency.


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