Desert Waves-Shape Changing


12″ x 24″ x 1″ Steel box with dark patina. A light hood conceals a light for illuminating the piece. Comes with UV light and Laser light.

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I molded and then cast the first series of desert botanicals. However, for this body of work, I duplicated the agave’s exact shape, texture, and size. The 30″ castings were filled with layers of translucent resins mixed with a palette of rare-earth minerals. I articulated the pieces and they became my desert waves.

Light emits from the work, filled with a palette of color and light as it shapes the darkness surrounding it. Light movement flows from within the pieces, the illumination prevents the darkness from consuming it.

The ocean is part of my life, the connection was made as a child. Memories of ocean waves remain strong. My surfing muscle memory is intact. I had great respect for large waves along with fear and trepidation. Speed was a key element when riding the giants. It was dancing when done right, and prayerful moments when done wrong.

Hawks effortlessly ride the desert zephyrs in our canyon. The mountains behind the studio have always reminded me of mountainous waves. The two thoughts led to a fantasy of riding the airwaves along the mountains.

With this piece, the shape develops as a ocean wave and transforms into a golden sunset or sunrise.

The “light-trails” on the surface of the work is created using a laser pen. The darker the setting the starker is the light. The pen “draws” light on the surface by activating the “forbidden” energy encapsulated in the piece.


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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 12 in


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