Agave: Sharp, spikey and sensual


The sculpture is 30″ x 4″ x 4″ resin cast model of a desert Agave leaf. The pieces are cast in layers using rare-earth minerals to provide a spectrum of light and color. The bioluminescent-like light emits in the dark and defines darkeness with a palette of colors: Violet, Orange-Red, Sun-Gold, Aqua, Turquoise.

An elegant form possesing the DNA of the desert. Sharp and Spikey. The strength of the Agave tolerates and flourishes in the heat of the day. The form is sensual, the color and light in the dark provides a different story.

You are guided in the wilderness from the Light within and without. A column of fire and a colomn of clouds.

Available as a 16″x16″ image printed on Aluminum or as a sculpture piece. Some pieces can be hung on walls or as a free standing sculpture.

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The sensuality of the piece is enhanced by the light and color each piece emits. A bio-luminescent like color and light bodly defines the edges of darkness. Light trails criss-cross the surface of the work, like grafitti while fading into the night, sent on its mission.

The spiritual nature of the desert is found in the land and atmosphere. During my time in the studio, I work to create a spiritual nature in my work. Light is a spiritual metaphor. Finding light in the desert wilderness when lost is much like water.

An example is in a new series of Agave leaves and Totem Cactus cast with rare earth minerals. Light and color are embedded within each layer.