Agave Towers #2-3-4


28″ cast resin Agave Leaf. Luminescent layers of rare earth minerals.

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The first 3 cast and pulled from my latest Agave sculpture series. The elegant form captured my interest. Three molds later, I am ready to create bases for this new work. Steel, wood, and resin bases. The colors of a desert sunset are cast with rare-earth elements producing light and color in the orange, red, yellow, blue, and green palette. The bioluminescent-like light radiates over the entire surface of the piece.

Laser pens can draw a light trail on the surface. The color and light are excited by the laser energy. It lasts a period of time. Currently, several bases are available.

Clustering three leaves together on a base creates a bouquet of color and light. Specially priced as a bouquet.