Columns of Fire & Clouds

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  • photo of sculpture

    Desert Agave Blue Moon


    Blue Agave set against a desert moon illuminates the darkness around it. The moon captures the seductive shape and emits silent light waves. Casting from a live Agave leaf. A quiotes is the stalk of the Agave—mixed media sculpture—the palette of blues, desert yellow, and orange. The sculpture’s surface captures the dance of illumination, shadow,…

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  • Cuatro Agaves


    Agave Series: Four Agave leaves create a bouquet of color and light.

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  • Tres Agaves


    32″ Cast resin sculpture using rare-earth minerals. Creates an unusual bioluminescent-like light from the sculpture.

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  • Sale!

    Tongues of Fire

    Original price was: $475.00.Current price is: $350.00.

    36″ x 5″ x 5″ Cast resin mixed with rare earth minerals.

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  • photo of sculpture

    Agave Towers #1


    I am surrounded by natural unspoiled desert. Native plants abound in our area and property. My intrigue with the Agave cactus caused a decision to create a series of sculptures out of the shape and detail of a single leaf. Its sharp point is its defensive mechanism to ward off predators. Its elegant shape captures…

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