Columns of Fire & Clouds

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  • Image of a desert storm

    Summer Storm


    Summer Storm shows the power of desert storms. The season corresponds with the hurricane season of the eastern Pacific Ocean.  A Pillar of Clouds and a Pillar of Fire guided the Israelites through the desert wilderness, never leaving them in their forty-year journey. Inspired by the stories in the biblical book Exodus. I created using…

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  • Cuatro Agaves


    Agave Series: Four Agave leaves create a bouquet of color and light.

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  • Tres Agaves


    32″ Cast resin sculpture using rare-earth minerals. Creates an unusual bioluminescent-like light from the sculpture.

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    Tongues of Fire


    36″ x 5″ x 5″ Cast resin mixed with rare earth minerals.

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  • Sale! photo of sculpture

    Agave: Sharp, spikey and sensual


    The sculpture used in this photo is a 30″ x 4″ x 4″ resin-cast model of a desert Agave leaf. The pieces are cast in layers using rare-earth minerals to provide a spectrum of light and color. The bioluminescent-like light emits in the dark and defines darkness with a palette of colors: Violet, Orange-Red, Sun-Gold, Aqua, and Turquoise.

    An elegant form possessing the DNA of the desert. Sharp and Spikey. The strength of the Agave tolerates and flourishes in the heat of the day. The form is sensual; the color and light in the dark provide a different story.

    You are guided in the wilderness from the Light within and without. A column of fire and a column of clouds.

    Available as a 16″x16″ image printed on Aluminum or as a sculpture piece. Some pieces can be hung on walls or as free-standing sculptures.

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  • photo of sculpture

    Agave Towers #1


    I am surrounded by natural unspoiled desert. Native plants abound in our area and property. My intrigue with the Agave cactus caused a decision to create a series of sculptures out of the shape and detail of a single leaf. Its sharp point is its defensive mechanism to ward off predators. Its elegant shape captures…

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