photo of sculpture series: Burning Bush
The blue flame of a burning bush

The flame symbolizes Moses’s encounter with a “Burning Bush.” Encounters with Burning Bushes are rare one-on-one occurrences. It took place on “holy ground” in the wilderness. The story of an encounter with a burning bush has inspired my work.

A spiritual “sense of place” surrounds my studio. Connected to the outside world but seemingly far removed from it.

When I think of other artists, I am reminded that every artist is alone with their thoughts—at times, guided by muscle memory while quickly capturing the moment’s inspiration. Art is the manifestation of thought, sometimes skillfully executed.

Pillars of Clouds and Fire

Each January for the past decade, I hear the story of an eleven-day journey taking forty years to complete. Forty years of wandering was a curse for a generation that disbelieved.

They never entered the Promised Land. However, instead of an encounter with a burning bush, they had the daily presence of God in the form of a Pillar of Clouds during the day and a Pillar of Fire at night.

While wandering, the pilgrims followed a Pillar of Clouds by day and a Pillar of Fire at night. That way, they could travel both by day and by night. Like the burning bush, the columns of clouds and fire were a sign of God’s presence.

My latest work explores exhibiting the sensual forms of Agave leaves. Each piece is filled with a palette of seductive desert light and color. The forms point skyward, anchored with deep roots in a desert spring.

The four classical elements are represented in each piece: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.

The desert surrounds me, and its ethos leaks into my work. The airwaves, lightwaves, soundwaves, and ocean waves come alive in the presence of the Spirit. The sensuality of the forms and unique spectrum of color and light is brilliantly activated. Illuminated from within, like a mirage of a burning bush.

The Ethos of the Desert

Image for Burning Bush
Sunset Over the Desert Ocean Wilderness

Scientists have no way to measure the existence of a higher power, and spiritual beings do not have a form we can identify. It is easy to be misled by a mirage. We follow mirages, hoping it satisfies our thirst.

The artist’s journey never ends. When you reach the Promised Land, there is another river to cross. When you cross the river… there is a mirage.

“It is a commonplace of all religious thought, even the most primitive, that the man seeking visions and insight must go apart from his fellows and love for a time in the wilderness.” Loren Eiseley

Desert Fantasy

Desert fantasy is a collection of AI-created art. I am exploring how to use this process in creating my work

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