photo of sculpture
photo of sculpture
Illuminated Sentinels

“Illuminate” A Story of Light

A dark space enhances the experience of interacting with my “ethereal bodies of light. The light and color are strangely unfamiliar. From a distance, the bioluminescent-like light and color have a sensual draw; but like approaching a mirage, things are not as they appear to be. 

“There is a sense of sacredness and security seeing the light illuminating the dark.” 

“Illuminate” is a three-person sculpture show. The West Valley Arts Council sponsors the show. 

The art exhibition opens on Friday, Aug. 12. It is located at the WVAC’s Arts HQ Gallery at 16126 N. Civic Center Plaza in Surprise. 

Kevin Caron


Illuminate Art Opening.

“The ‘Illuminate’ exhibition will shed light both literally and metaphorically on new and unexpected ways to look at art,” says Michael Denson, who conceived the show. Denson is now interim executive director of the West Valley Arts Council, connecting communities to art and cultural opportunities that encourage beauty, unity, and positive human connection. 

The exhibition debuts with its opening reception Friday, Aug. 12, 4 – 7 p.m. For more about the exhibition, call 623-584-2626, visit  and stay in touch on social media: 


“People really ‘get’ these lighted sculptures,” says Caron, a Phoenix-based artist known for the 3D-printed and metal sculptures that he creates for public and private places. A pioneer in the field, Caron has been printing large-scale 3D-printed sculptures on his 8-foot-tall Gigante 3D printer for eight years and fabricating metal sculpture for 20. His simply complex sculptures can be seen in public and private places across the United States as well as overseas.

“I’ve created some very special pieces for this exhibit, though,” says Caron, who is lighting his translucent sculptures from the inside. Included will be the 3-foot-tall SuperSize, a yellow sculpture that reaches for the sky, and Wormwood Light and Wormwood Dark, which handle the light differently despite being made of the same purple filament. 

photo of sculpture
Photographed in the dark with rare earth minerals providing the light.

Molding Agave leaves produce exact duplicates of the shape. Rare-earth minerals create a palette of color and light mixed with translucent resins. The work stands tall. Sentinels guard the night, providing security from the perils of the wilderness. Highly sensitive to Light Grafitti. Multiple display options.


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