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Our art show preview and opening reception of “Illuminate ” is August 12. The show opening in set in the beautiful West Valley Art HQ. in Suprise. Sculptors Kevin Caron, Ceri Jones and Larry Ortega bring an array of sculpture created to interrupt and define the boundries of darkness. Our initial reception and art show previews the work in full light. A second art show preview is August 26 and is in a darkened space.

For the first time ever the Arts HQ Gallery will showcase illuminated sculptures viewed in day AND in darkness. From August 12th – 25th work is viewed under gallery lighting, thereby appreciating the artist’s skill and attention to detail. August 26th – September 9th our gallery will “go dark” illuminated only by the works themselves.

Sculpture Show

Illuminate immerses patrons in a different kind of art exhibit. Three local contemporary sculptors will feature works created using metal, wood, minerals, resin and….LIGHT! This all-sculpture exhibit invites viewers into innovative practices in art including 3D printed works, hanging gardens, and bioluminescent minerals cast in resin.

Kevin Caron – Ceri Jones – Larry Ortega

Art and Spirituality

Light From Within

My artistic focus this year is pushing the limits on the light and color emitted from within my work. In the dark, the light and color from the pieces slowly leaks into the darkness. As a result, it clearly defines the outline of unseen places. Without light, darkness projects an infinite wilderness absent of life. Meanwhile, a concealed world is revealed through the lens of a unique light spectrum. Two receptions dates at the art show opening. Excited to experience the space with the three artists.

Sacred Vessels

Leaves from the desert agave are molded to capture the exact form. They are fashioned as vessels that contain low frequency, high oscillation light energy. At the same time, the form brings aspects of the desert DNA clearly defining the sharp and spikey edges.These “vessels” bring their special properties of shape and form into the darkness. Above all, triggering memories and emotions about security and protection during our treks into the wilderness.

We spend much of our lives navigating darkness and we are in a time we need light.  In my blog “Draw Your Soul” I begin my lifelong quest of visualizing the invisible. As an eight year old, I imagined the soul as a container, a type of vessel storing every memory, every act of good and evil stored in the cloud.

Dark & Light

A dark space enhances the experience of interacting with my “ethereal bodies of light. What appears are light and color that depicts something strangely unfamiliar. From a distance, the bioluminescent-like light and color have a sensual draw. Meanwhile, the seductive color palette beckons you closer like a mirage in the distant landscape. Things are not as they appear to be. 

The art show opening reception is set in gallery lighting while the second reception will be done by lowering the gallery lighting to produce a darkness where the work can shine. Importantly, the two receptions will show the contrast of the work in light settings and dark settings.

I use 4 different ways to light these sculptures, which was part of the challenge and pursuit of what I see as possible – and where I take it next. Figuring out the lighting has been a real quest, one I enjoy (most of the time). It will be interesting what sort of reception this show gets, because I often get asked about lighting my translucent sculptures, and they sell well.

Ceri Jones

She creates Conceptual Working Art Sculptures, most often inspired through scripture. As well as developing and facilitating transformational programs. The programs are for people, communities and corporations, oriented toward the Light. As a result, Ceri can’t help but to make tangible, living and breathing environments that produce the atmosphere of Heaven on Earth. 

photo of sculpture
Light trails are part of my latest series of work.

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