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October 2022

12 Rules Illustrated

My latest works of art explore light using my work as the lens. The light and color the work produces make the invisible, visible. The work displays the source of energy. At the same time, it highlights the elegance of the shape. The seductiveness of the light outlines the arabesque shapes of my latest subjects. Incandescent light illuminates a translucent palette of color and light.

Capturing light is the essence of my aesthetic. this year and as a result, my “artist journey” takes me deep into the night.

Photo of scultpure
A.L.S.O. series

Translucent layers of liquid resin are mixed with rare earth minerals to create a peculiar palette of color and light. As a result, the natural world reflects the nature of the Light. The work is best viewed in a darkened room. Above all, the surface of the artwork translates light waves into graffiti. Second, the light waves from the work seem to meld into one column of light.

UV lights and a Laser pen provide a “charge” that ignites the mineral’s light properties.  The graffiti disappears over time, lost words captured for a moment. My next exhibit is on October 23 at our studio/home.

photo of sculpture

Spiritual Thoughts

“It is the religion of man without divine guidance, trying to make his peace with the terrifying and mysterious powers of nature. It can be said that primitive man lays bare the basic character of all men because he is stripped of the material benefits that often mask our need for God.

In the West, there is now a great interest in primitive religion. Now, many think that modern secular man needs to recover primitive man’s participation in the cycles of nature as well as his sense of the sacred.

Most primitives do believe in one supreme, “high” God, who is the first source of all existence. But that God is usually considered too distant to be concerned with the affairs of men.” Loren Eisley

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    Agave Series: Desert Enchantment


    The “Agave Series” of sculpture use the sensuous form of a leaf that creates a mood of sacredness in the dark.

  • photo of sculpture

    Agave Towers #1


    I am surrounded by natural unspoiled desert. Native plants abound in our area and property. My intrigue with the Agave cactus caused a decision to create a series of sculptures out of the shape and detail of a single leaf. Its sharp point is its defensive mechanism to ward off predators. Its elegant shape captures…

  • Agave Towers #2-3-4


    28″ cast resin Agave Leaf. Luminescent layers of rare earth minerals.

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    Agave: Sharp, spikey and sensual


    The sculpture used in this photo is a 30″ x 4″ x 4″ resin-cast model of a desert Agave leaf. The pieces are cast in layers using rare-earth minerals to provide a spectrum of light and color. The bioluminescent-like light emits in the dark and defines darkness with a palette of colors: Violet, Orange-Red, Sun-Gold, Aqua, and Turquoise.

    An elegant form possessing the DNA of the desert. Sharp and Spikey. The strength of the Agave tolerates and flourishes in the heat of the day. The form is sensual; the color and light in the dark provide a different story.

    You are guided in the wilderness from the Light within and without. A column of fire and a column of clouds.

    Available as a 16″x16″ image printed on Aluminum or as a sculpture piece. Some pieces can be hung on walls or as free-standing sculptures.

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    Cicada: Songs in the Desert


    Finding the whole body and wings of a Cicada was a lucky encounter. Lucky for me, it was a gift from a friend. I usually find their brown skeletons on a tree in late summer. Summer days are filled with the sound of Cicadas in the canyon. The sound echoes and bounces off the canyon…

  • Photo of scultpure

    Cuatro Agaves: Desert Moon


    Agave Series: Four Agave leaves create a bouquet of color and light.

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    Desert Totem


    I have been creating things from the desert that are sharp and spikey. I see the characteristics of cactus and succulents surrounding the studio. The sharp spines, and edges evolved for protection in the desert. The plants of the desert have developed to methods to capture and store scarce moisture. A totem is a spirit…

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    Desert Totem # 2


      A totem is a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as a family, clan, lineage, or tribe. My totems follow the theme of a spirit-being. I find their shape to be regal. Certainly designed to flourish for in the desert. The surface is smooth and bulbous with channels…

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    Desert Totem: Concrete Base


    15″ x 4″ x 4″ Cast resin Totem layered with rare earth minerals to illuminate the dark.

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    Desert Waves-Shape Changing


    12″ x 24″ x 1″ Steel box with dark patina. A light hood conceals a light for illuminating the piece. Comes with UV light and Laser light.

  • Encased Surfboard


    3″ x 10″ x 3″ resin casting with encased big wave surfboard. Stand alone or as a base for other work.

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    Guardians of the Garden


    Guarding the east entrance to the Garden of Eden is the angel Uriel. The same angel guards the tabernacle. A flame glows indefinitley in the night. A sign from the most high and an invisible image of the everlasting God. A multi-spectrum palette of color has an “other” world dimension.

  • Manna #1


    8″x 8″x 12″

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    Objects for an Ofrenda #1


    9″ casting using rare earth minerals. A steel laser cut cross is attached.

    The Zia Symbol. New Mexico’s distinctive insignia is the Zia sun symbol, which originated with the Indians of Zia Pueblo in ancient times. Its design reflects their tribal philosophy, with its wealth of pantheistic spiritualism teaching the basic harmony of all things in the universe.
  • photo of sculpture

    Objects for an Ofrenda #2


    8″x 8″x 8″ resin impregnated with rare earth minerals. Strong color and light properties in the dark. A small vessel is cast within the base. I use it with certain oils such as Lavender dropped in the vessel. The light and the scent have a calming effect on me. Each piece has a sprinkle of healing soil from Mission Chimayo near Taos. “Can’t hurt”, I say. In the darkest of journeys, there is always Light.

  • Objects for an Ofrenda #4