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Spirtual journey
“Draw Your Soul”

Spiritual Journey

In the 4th grade, at St. Pius V, Sister Mary Lucy gave our class an art project. “Take the next half hour to draw your soul,” she said softly”. This became a life-long spiritual journey.
What does a soul resemble? I looked around the class to see others in the class busy drawing something I could not even imagine. My paper remained blank. I looked across the row at Patricia Scanlon’s work, hoping to find inspiration (or to copy her work). Most important; After 10 minutes…nothing. I doubted myself.

A Soul Contains Something

I began thinking that a soul contains something. First, I drew a circle, second I began sketching an oval-like shape over the ring shape. Next, the detail included drawing twine wrapping the form, creating this “soul-container”.

What could this vessel contain? Maybe all my sins plus all my good deeds. The good and the bad, the sin and the sacred wrapped tightly. Twine wrapped the greenish-yellow elliptical shape. It was my life that filled the eliptical object, forever holding the inventory of sin deeds and good deeds. Our spiritual journey is Life stored in that container.

The image reminded me of something, but what that was, I could not place it until decades later.
As we neared the end of time, I used a red crayon and vigorous strokes to paint a bold red colored background around the amorphous shape.

Draw Your Soul

I am 10 years old. This is my first art show. I was recognized by Sister Mary Lucy. The prize was recognition, and as a result it brought peer recognition. But more importantly it set in motion that insatiable desire to draw my soul. A spiritual journey always has markers along the journey. Above all, I have concluded that I never stopped imagining and creating art depicting the soul.

Spiritual journey captured by Light trails .
Draw Your Soul

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