Dreams project a reality through a dimension of sub-conscious images, experiences, and vibrations. The art of dreams depict movement. The dream has out-of-body movement, sometimes pleasant, sometimes daunting, sometimes real. In my dreams, I travel through realms that are purely imaginary, yet quietly familiar. My movement is aided by the wind high above the places outside of myself while hovering in an out-of-body experience. That sense of flying, floating miles above or hovering over a room, presumes wings of some sort is the art of movement. At times, I find myself in a “Two AM Wilderness” looking for the Light that leads to a fork in the road. I am reminded “Don’t follow the wrong road, the Promised Land is not in the wilderness. The Mirage is. 

photo of sculpture
Hovering over Darkness

Promethean like creatures hover in the darkness bringing Light where none has been. A sea of emerald A palette of bioluminescent like color enhances the Light that is emitted.

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